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That image of a fan during an IPL match encapsules the pulse of the rental market; not just in Bangalore but across several countries.

Here is a look at what is happening in the Rental Markets across various countries:


The faces of Sydney’s rental crisis

Melbourne renters struggle to secure a suitable place to love as rental market crisis continues


Singapore rent prices are still sky high


Why rent in London is out of control right now?



Dubai Housing boom buoys buyers, burdens tenants

So what explains this rental juggernaut :

Demand-Supply mismatch

🏠 Sudden rise in demand with work-from-office in full force: As most companies have shifted to Work-from-office model, there is a sudden spurt in demand in the last few months .

🏠 Increase in supply will take time: While demand shifts can happen over short periods of time, change in supply takes 3-4 years. There are a lot of launches happening but these are expected to see the light of the day few years down the line.

If you are also feeling the pinch of this rental crisis, then just remember the famous Michael Jackson Song :

“You are not alone” 😊

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